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We are glad that today you have picked-up really a unique choice of Herbal Smoking Product “Black Swan”. We have spent several years of continued Research, Test and Effort to bring proven “Herbal Smoke” to the world, the first two blends “Black Swan - 999” and “Just-ONE” launch was super hit, best selling herbal smoke of the time, which maintained its position as a top selling herbal smoke of the market………
BUT today, we are extremely excited to reveal World’s first unique Enigma of Herbal Smoking “Black Swan - Pheromone Blend”. Pheromones have received a lot of attention in recent years, which inspired us to blend world’s first unique smoking products based on theory of Herbal Science of Pheromones. A herbal smoke with Attraction, Passion, temptation, enigma and ritual of human attraction all have been blended and presented in the form of smoke, which acts amazingly on the theory of pheromones, where we have selected herbs from nature's herbal treasure to create a unique Aphrodisiac smoking product which works amazingly, on different mechanisms, on the theory of pheromones or attraction. This unique aphrodisiacs herbal smoking will reveal real secrets of “Law of Attraction”.

World’s First Pheromone Blended “Black Swan” Herbal Smoke  
100% FREE from - “Tobacco” and “Nicotine”


 “Re-inventing the Smoke”

Short Introduction of Pheromones

Pheromones are airborne odorless molecules, hormones, chemicals or signals produced in human body which influence the brain physiology and behavior of other members of the same species, these emitted signals play important role to influence personality attraction, body appeal and sexual attraction to the other member. These signals are transmitted to brain; (Hypothalamus which controls emotions and all other such activities) and goes to subconscious mind and effects on brain physiology of the other member. The exposed person to pheromones attracts unknowingly; the most interesting thing the person exposed to human pheromones feels an instinctive, powerful attraction and doesn't know why. This is what's called "Science of Pheromones".

The Existence and Success of Pheromones has been seen on CNN, ABC, 20/20 and MTV, a lot of well researched and documented information is available in Medical Journals, Newspapers and dozens of Magazines! A lot of information is also available to study on net

How a Smoke can be a Cause of Attraction?

Smoking and Pheromones (Attraction) both together sounds funny isn’t it? But it’s not!  Because you must have never heard or experienced such an herbal smoke blend yet, it really what it is “Temptation” and “Passion”, it is too difficult to believe, but its fact! This is one of the World’s first unique herbal smoking products ever offered.
Till date you must have encountered hazards of smoking "How About If YOU can avoid harms of tobacco smoking and same time, develop Attraction and unique personal Appeal from Herbal Smoke!"

Just Imagine! What if

YOU cut all tobacco hazards and maintain sound health even if you continue smoking?
YOU develop an ADMIREABLE personality?
YOU approach strangers and develop INSTANT CONNECTION?
YOU feel RELAX and people around you enjoy your company?
YOU can develop an art to have instant TRUST among people?
YOU ATTRACT people for NO LOGICAL reason?
YOU are ADMIRED by everyone for your SUCCESS?
YOU can be an IDEAL personality of the entire community?

To believe all this you have to try Black Swan’s pheromone herbal smoke then see the miracle of Temptation, relaxation and exhilaration all at the same time! Great mood enhancing “Attraction” blends are especially for those who really looking for a difference, excitement in their smoking life.

DON’T TRY Black Swan Herbal Smoke Pheromone Blend- Until you try other smoking products of Pheromone! We challenge you to search any such competitive product in market, if you find then test it, but we bet you will not find any such product in the market because this is really unique and World’s first smoking product of its kind, don’t be disappointed after your deep search! Then come back and try Miracle Smoke “Black Swan” and experience it you will fully appreciate the product and say really it is “what it says”.

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